Menu Plan #20210925

Today, Saturday is starting off with Bacon, crepes, and strawberries as the requested meal. It’s easy enough to make the crepe batter the night before (I follow Lucinda’s recipe), and it’s nice to occasionally use my crepe pan. Honesty the hardest part is making sure the table is cleared off enough for everyone to gather. Lunch will be determined on the fly, and for dinner we’re enjoying the offerings of Allianz Field as we attend the Minnesota United soccer game.

Sunday breakfast will be pretty simple, just some toast, fruit, and turkey breakfast sausage. After that, I’m going to try and get some batch cooking done for the week. Darian (12) has swim lessons at 6:30pm on both Tuesdays and Thursdays, so without preparation we’ll be pretty sad on those days. I’ll get the week’s grocery shopping done, then make rice and slow cook a big batch of Carnitas. Lunch will be sandwiches and salad, then dinner will be steaks, chicken thighs, and mixed veggies on the grill, with store bought crusty bread on the side. I’ll make this Chimichurri too- which is by far our favorite home-made condiment and is so very easy to throw together in a blender.

Monday we’ll be eating outside, appropriately distanced, and best of all, it’s not my turn to cook for Friends Dinner! I’m crossing my fingers for a bon fire since it’s starting to get dark around 7:30PM this time of year.

Tuesdays will be Carnitas burritos. I’ll broil the meat that was slow cooked on Sunday, then slap it into a warmed up tortilla with cilantro lime rice, cheese, and each person’s choice of salsa. Extra limes on the side, and some sort of raw veggies so that I don’t feel like we would have been better off getting Taco Bell. If there’s any leftover chimichurri from Sunday we’ll use that as a dipping sauce too.

Wednesday I’m making Thai Green Curry chicken– and taking the shortcut of using Maesri Green Curry Paste. We usually leave out the eggplant, add broccoli, and then add fresh basil and cilantro after it’s done cooking.

Thursday is going to be leftover palooza! I’ll make Carnitas Quesadillas or tacos for anyone who’s interested, otherwise it’s going to be a free-for-all-reheat-and-eat with a side salad.

Friday will be grilled balsamic chicken, fettuccini alfredo, garlic bread, with sautéed green beans, bell peppers, and snap peas with pesto and parmesan on the side.

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