Chipot-Liz, now with walking tacos #20190325

Welcome to Chipot-Liz, where I make one meat option and turn my home into a knock-off Chipotle restaurant when it’s my turn to host Friends Dinner. Tonight is my night to host, and our newest menu item is walking tacos. If you’re an adult and trying to do that whole “healthy” thing, the only other option is that I give you a bowl and you make a salad with the lettuce provided. Here’s the master list of Chipot-Liz ingredients that will be available today:

  • 36 mini bags of Doritos. Nacho cheese flavor only, sorry cool ranchers. Extra nacho cheese Doritos on the side. Extra Tostitos with a hint of lime on the side of that. Extra regular tortilla strips on the side of that.
  • Chicken or chicken for your meat. I have many pounds of chicken thighs with salsa verde, cumin, and other spices that are currently slow cooking. When I get home, I’ll simmer the sauce to thicken it before adding some sour cream to make it a creamy-verde-sauce-thing, add in some cilantro, then hit it with a fresh squeeze of lime and taste for salt. I’ll also make a few pounds of “that other chicken is too spicy” which will just be chicken thighs cooked in garlic salt with a little lime juice.
  • Guac! It’s not extra, but I do have to make it when I get home. I use the recipe from actual Chipotle at Chipot-Liz.
  • Also just plain chunks of avocado for those who want it as a chunky ingredient rather than as a dip. I have 9 ripe avocados and spent more moolah on avocados than on meat.
  • Lettuce mixed with cilantro and red cabbage.  This takes care of my people who want to eat like adults and/or follow a keto diet, and/or are like me and want a BIGGER portion than allowed in a bag. Walking still permitted.
  • Tomatillo salsa (store-bought)
  • Sour cream (store-bought, in a squeezable bottle)
  • Pickled jalapenos (store-bought)
  • Pickled onions (homemade! Here’s the recipe)
  • Cheesy refried beans but my microwave is broken, so this is getting covered in foil and heated up in my toaster oven. Cross your fingers, please.
  • Corn and black bean salsa (homemade! Here’s the recipe, but I also added some orange bell pepper, and I’ll add the cilantro, lime juice, and tomatoes just before serving)
  • Tomatoes just plain chopped up grape tomatoes for people who want more tomato.
  • Bags and bags of pre-shredded cheese, because I only care about hand shredding it when I’m going to try and melt it.
  • Nine limes cut into wedges because I have a mild obsession with citrus.
  • Drinks will be a Costco jug of lemonade and a few two liters of generic-sprite. Ice water available upon request.
  • Desserts will be my signature Rice Krispie treats (half regular rice krispies, half fruity pebbles, and some extra butter) and chocolate chip cookies (the toll house recipe, but made with two kinds of Ghirardelli chocolate chips and frozen before cooking)
  • Obligatory veggie plate and a bag of cuties so that kids get their required fiber.

So there you have it. That’s the planned Chipot-Liz menu for tonight. Updates to follow about what worked, what didn’t, and what got added at the last minute. I’ve got the itch to go pick up some sliced olives if I have time to run to the store before people arrive.

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