Menu Plan #20190312

I blinked, and February is gone! My littlest kid is now 10, Minnesota beat the state record for snowiest February on record, and work has been worktacular. I also hosted a Monday dinner where all I did was put out veggies and order pizza. On to the plan for this week’s dinners:

Monday was friends dinner and not my night to cook, and the Royaal’s made tacos. It had actually been a few weeks since I was able to attend, so it felt like I hadn’t seen everyone for years and years. The tacos were tasty, and even though the kids got a little loud playing their real-life Oregon Trail game, it was a wonderful night.

Tuesday is Spaghetti Speusday, so we’ll have cacio e pepe, some pork chops, and plenty of green beans.

Wednesday I’ll be “making” chicken wild rice soup. First I’ll use my food processor to chop up some onion, celery, and carrots, then cook that til tender in my dutch oven before following package directions on the Bear Creek wild rice soup mix. I’ll add in shredded chicken after the soup is thickened up, then serve it with some crusty bread and a side salad.

Thursday is usually Stirfry Stursday, but since it’s Pi Day (3/14… 3.14159… get it?) we’ll be getting pizza Pi delivered, and I’ll make apple Pi and pumpkin Pi. Pi for everyone!

Friday we have a birthday party to go to, so the kids are once again off the hook for cooking Friday dinner. They haven’t cooked in a while, so I’ll probably put them to work for Saturday breakfast.

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