Beep beep boop #20150921

Do you get it, fellow WordPress friends? That’s the thing they show when you make a new post! Do you get it now? Do you?! I was entertained. Because this is a new post. Beep beep boop.

Anyway, something changed in the internet-universe, and now I see my little “wordpress” bar at the top of so many sites. Observe below:

Wordpress is everywhere

Has this been around forever? It’s not just on my good friend P-Dub’s website. I’ve also seen it on other websites, though I can’t recall other specific examples. I’m curious to find out if it’s a setting on *my* wordpress profile, or if that’s something that’s on *their* wordpress profile. I’m not actually curious enough to do any real research at this time, but if you know the solution then hit me with a comment! Please and thank you!

This is where I would traditionally insert a meal plan. But guess what?! I’ve been¬†interested in dividing this here website-cookie into bite sized pieces, and so that particular bite will follow at a later date. As in, tomorrow. After I have a chance to think about it a bit more.

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