Just Meals #20150216

Wheeeeeee! Here we go:

  • Monday today- as in this already happened. Salmon in lemon/buttery goodness, biscuits, green beans, baked butterflied shrimp. It was fancy and delicious.
  • Tuesday Burritos! Yea! Salad! Yea!
  • Wednesday Marinated/broiled chicken of some kind. I don’t know what. I’ve done stir fries, curries, chicken pitas, chicken Alfredo, chicken pot pie casserole, and every other chicken recipe/concept I can possibly come up with. So off to The Google I go- wish me luck.
  • Thursday Breakfast for dinner: buttermilk waffles, smoked sausage, and fruit.
  • Friday Beef stew over rice, broccoli on the side. Chocolate chip cookies!

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