Meal plan #20141020*

This past weekend was madness! Apple orchard on Saturday, hiking and dinner out Sunday. It was a friends and family extravaganza. My goal for this week is to have it be epically low key and relaxing. So! Here’s the menu plan:

  • Monday this already happened, but we had shredded smoked turkey with cabbage & carrots over rice. Mighty tasty and comforting.
  • Tuesday Stuffed shells, roasted squash and greens. Yep- tasty and comforting.
  • Wednesday Beef stew with root veggies, broccoli and mashed potatoes on the side. More tasty and comforting!
  • Thursday Sausage with peppers and onions, loaded baked potatoes & a big green salad. More tasty, more comforting.
  • Friday Potluck/BBQ housewarming party! Wahoo! I’ll be bringing cookies and more cookies.
  • Saturday Big giant brunch. Soups and fresh baked bread galore.
  • Sunday Spaghetti, breadsticks, green beans.

*Edited to reflect my own naming convention, and the fact that my roast had not yet thawed Tuesday morning. That’s what I get for posting this from my phone.

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